ONUG Fall 2020

ONUG Fall 2020
October 14-15, 2020

Acceleration to the Enterprise Cloud 

The unprecedented global pandemic has fundamentally altered the pace at which enterprises are implementing digital transformation strategies.  The deconstruction of private data centers and the acceleration of enterprise cloud adoption are direct results of adapting to changed behavior with regard to mobility, remote work adoption, customers’ changing product needs, and a rapidly changing supply chain. 

All the digital transformation best practices ONUG Member companies have adopted and espoused have entered into hyper-acceleration mode. 

Join us October 14-15th and hear from cloud providers and vendors, along with Global 2000 enterprise leaders and architects, and learn how your company can implement cloud solutions to devise, and fast track, your digital transformation road map.   

ONUG Fall – Key Topics: 

  •        *  Role of the enterprise cloud in redefining and managing the new IT and corporate culture
  •        * The enterprise cloud as the platform for AI driven business automation   
  •        * Methodologies for deconstruction of private data centers and construction of the future digital enterprise
  •        * Role of cloud and mobile computing in the new digital enterprise 
           * Demonstration of the industry’s first multi-cloud automated governance reference implementation
  •        * PLUS a full line up of sessions, keynotes and panels on key cloud technologies and business issues
      •                  >> Automated Cloud Governance
      •                  >> Infrastructure as Code
      •                  >> Cloud Native DevOps
      •                  >> Cloud based Remote Workforce solutions 
      •                  >> Zero Trust Network Access – networking meets software meets security
      •                  >> Automating Multi-Cloud Observability
      •                  >> The business case for Observability and AIOps

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