Attendance Policies

ONUG Policies

ONUG Board Pledge to IT Business Leaders Attending ONUG

The ONUG Board pledges that ONUG will endeavor to provide secure environments during ONUG Conferences, free from press, bloggers, social networkers, and vendors, so that IT business leaders can discuss and share IT project experiences in closed-door, private sessions. To meet that end, the ONUG Board promises to strictly enforce the following ONUG policies.

Fireside Chat Policy

ONUG Fireside Chats are open exclusively to IT business leaders from enterprise, education and government agency sectors. Note that IT executives employed by high tech companies that sell equipment and software plus services are not allowed access to Fireside Chat sessions. IT executives employed by service providers are also excluded from Fireside Chat session access. In addition, financial and industry analysts, consultants, distributors and integrators are not allowed access.

This policy will be strictly enforced without exception at ONUG. In addition, recording, blogging, tweeting or posting by all Fireside Chat attendees is strictly prohibited. ONUG Fireside Chat sessions are color coded red in the ONUG Conference schedule.

Closed-Door ONUG Conference Session Policy

From time to time, select ONUG Conference sessions are CLOSED to press, bloggers, vendors and service providers. In addition, these sessions are not audio or video recorded. Summary tweets and social media posts are allowed without attribution to presenters or their affiliated firms; however, presentation photos are strictly prohibited and may not be posted to social media. Closed-Door ONUG Conference sessions are color coded yellow in the ONUG Conference schedule.

Open-Door Conference Session Policy

Most ONUG Conference sessions are OPEN to all attendees including press, analysts, vendors, service providers and IT executives. These sessions are color coded green in the ONUG Conference schedule.

Working Group Member Policy

ONUG Use Case Working Groups are open to all IT business leaders and academics. Only vendors and service providers sponsoring the current ONUG Conference are eligible to participate. IT end users and sponsoring vendors/service providers may participate in as many working groups as they would like. Consultants, integrators and resellers will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Usually, a new working group is open to IT end users ONLY for the first two months, as they outline requirements and vendor proofs of concept. After the initial requirements have been outlined, the working group will be opened up to participating vendors for feedback, clarification and to begin the proof of concept development process.

ONUG is a community of IT business leaders who exchange ideas and best practices for implementing enterprise cloud designs. ONUG events are for IT executives, operations professionals, global architects and designers to learn from peers and early adopters managing private or public clouds, enterprise data centers, WAN or service provider networks. Unlike trade shows or industry conferences, the ONUG Conference includes peer-level IT leaders sharing content and plans around real, deployable solutions in an interactive setting. The program is designed to ensure plenty of time for networking and open discussions among IT users.

Who Should Attend

  • IT Professionals working in the Corporate/Enterprise, Government and Academic sectors
  • Cloud and Service Provider Executives
  • Cloud Specialists and Operations
  • Chief Information Officers
  • Chief Technical Officers
  • Chief Information Security Officers
  • Cybersecurity Professionals
  • Chief Digital Officers
  • Executive IT Research & Development
  • Global IT Strategist, Architects, Designers and Planners
  • IT Infrastructure and Planning
  • All IT Operational Staff
  • All IT Procurement Staff
  • IT Business Leaders and IT Application Performance Engineering
  • IT Data Center Architects
  • DevOps and NetOps Operational Professionals
  • Storage Professionals and Operations
  • Virtualization Specialists and Operations

What You Will Learn

  • Best practices for transforming IT for the digital economy
  • The new skills, culture, and IT organization design best practices
  • Assurance that you are negotiating the best deals on IT infrastructure and saving 40 to 70%
  • How to deploy hybrid and multi-cloud strategies
  • How to secure the enterprise cloud
  • The new monitoring and analytic tools to operationalize hybrid and multi-cloud strategies
  • How to eliminate hardware-based appliances
  • If container-based workloads will replace hypervisor or if the market will jump to serverless
  • How to operationalize cloud services

Why Should You Attend

  • It’s all about the networking as ONUG is designed by users for better partnerships and collaboration with the vendor community
  • Find out if your hybrid and multi-cloud plans are ahead or behind the market or right on target
  • Hear from the best minds how they are transitioning their IT for digital advantage
  • Network with IT professionals and vendors interested in exploiting cloud technologies for use in the large digital enterprise
  • Learn what the new software building blocks to enter the digital economy are
  • Learn from others who have implemented hybrid, native and multi-cloud projects during their presentations and social events throughout the two days
  • Interact and access to the ONUG demo area filled with innovative companies that are hand picked by the ONUG Board of IT executives
  • Gain new marketable and highly sought after skills plus best practices at ONUG Academy tailored to operational staff