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CTO Fireside Chat: Top 5 Challenges to Operationalizing Digital Strategy

Wednesday 4th December, 11:15am – 12:00pm, Main Stage @ The National Gallery

ONUG Community members are in the process of building and running secure digital enterprises and are now confronted with a series of organizational, cultural, skills and technical challenges. What is the role of CIO, CTO and CDO in the digital era? What are the fundamental technical underpinnings to develop and deliver digital products and services? In this CTO Fireside Chat, we’ll dive into the top five operational challenges of being digital.

Moderator: Steve Watmough, Mason Advisory Limited

Panelists: James Walker, Bank of America; Luke Robertson, Centrica, Alan French, Thomas Cook;  Matthew Gouldstone, QBE; Mark Stapley, Credit Suisse

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The Great Debate: Connecting Cloud-based Security Tools with On-Premise for Hybrid Cloud–Will We Ever Get There?

Wednesday 4th December, 2:00pm – 3:00pm, Main Stage @ The National Gallery

Each public cloud provider has their own security events, yet on-premise requires a different set of tools. Each cloud provider has security embedded into its cloud offering, yet getting those events to an Enterprise Event System is a custom solution for each cloud provider to which you connect. 

Join us as we discuss a standard framework/policy-based solution that can be deployed into on-prem and each cloud provider, allowing businesses the benefit of a consolidated security events dashboard and resolution path. How can we get there when cloud providers cadence is much faster than on-prem cloud providers, making product development out of phase between the two? This competition is healthy and provides a better, albeit more difficult approach to cloud security integration with enterprise event systems. During this ONUG Great Debate, we argue the value of consolidated/integrated, versus separate cloud security solutions.

Moderator: Marc Woolward, vArmour; 

Panelists: Carlos Matos, JP Morgan Chase; Rory Barr, Bank of America

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Town Hall: Interoperable Clouds — Will Market Forces Open the Cloud Providers?

Thursday 5th December, 9:15am – 10:15am, Main Stage @ The National Gallery

Enterprises are being subjected to a massive shift in the IT industry that poses an economic threat in two ways. First, companies will lose the ability to control costs. Second, CIOs face the ultimate threat of vendor “lock-in.” We’re talking about the shift to Public Cloud and the dominance of the hyperscalers.

Hyperscale public cloud providers are offering significant additional value above virtualization with software platforms and services that focus on data analytics, AI and advanced ML. The pace of innovation of public cloud hyperscalers has positioned them to branch into on-premise cloud deployments, both private and hybrid cloud, such as Microsoft’s Azure Stack, IBM Cloud Private Stack, Amazon’s Outpost and Google’s Anthos. Are we destined for another small set of tech giants to forge a new generation of high-priced incumbents that lock CIOs around the globe into using their systems?

The fact is that there are no compelling open source private cloud solutions available, and the standards organizations are not focused and are too slow. Academic researchers are not creating technologies that will give enterprises options. What about enterprises themselves? Are any finding ways to keep pace with hyperscalers solution stacks? Or will a tipping point occur when enterprises in unison cry foul, opening up the door to a new set of high-tech companies to enter the market with an alternative?

Moderator: Greg Ferro, Packet Pushers Interactive

Panelists: Mark Fieldhouse, NS1; Anna Clairborne, PacketFabric; Nati Shalom, Cloudify

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Agile for Infrastructure: The Top 5 Things You Need to Do

Thursday 5th December, 11:45am – 12:30pm. Main Stage @ the National Gallery

The shift from hardware to software-based infrastructure is accelerating. Thus, the way infrastructure is envisioned, designed and deployed is transitioning toward software best practices of Agile project management and DevOps. DevOps is done by infrastructure groups to support application teams, but how do infrastructure teams use Agile and DevOps practices to deliver infrastructure services? In this session, we discuss the challenges and opportunities of operationalizing automated infrastructure as code, be it in private clouds or IaaS consumption.

Moderator: Chris Swan, DXC

Panelists: Gareth Rushgrove, Synk; Ben Hall, Katacoda; Anne Currie, Container Solutions; David McKay, Rawkode

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