The ONUG Collaborative was started in 2019 with founding members FedEx, Cigna and Raytheon Technologies. Its charter is to identify and provide solutions to big cross-industry, large enterprise issues, such as cybersecurity and data protection, which are both significant areas of concern to large corporations. The first project of the ONUG Collaborative was to form the Automated Cloud Governance (ACG) Working Group. Once that working group formed, JP Morgan Chase, Kaiser Permanente, UBS, Pfizer and others joined as members. The ACG Working group’s recently released white paper, and has garnered press coverage in the Wall St Journal, Information Week and other outlets. 

The collaborative, through the ACG Working Group, is also pursuing the development of a common Cloud Security Notification Framework or CSNF reference implementation/architecture. The goal is to create common definitions and syntax for major cloud provider security alerts, alarms, events etc. 

Why get involved in the Collaborative?


The ONUG  Collaborative provides a means for like minded  corporations to engage and work together in a problem-solving atmosphere/culture. The collaborative will have a huge channel of influence throughout the industry and will be represented by some of the largest cloud consumers as well as cloud providers including Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud and Google Cloud. 

Benefits include:

  • Collaborating with peers in different industries to describe common industry problems and approaches to solutions
  • Ability to change the industry narrative to solve real world problems that benefit your corporation and the industry at large
  • Risk mitigation gained by understanding that the issues your corporation has are systemic and not unique to your organization
  • Your participation ensures that the large enterprise and broader market has the tools needed to engage in a shared responsibility model. ACG will reduce staff requirements to decipher different cloud provider security notification definitions and provide a valuable tool that increases cloud security posture. But most of all, it will increase the consumption of cloud services and hasten audit time
  • The Collaborative’s work will be open sourced to benefit the entire industry; that is every corporation in the digital economy


How do you get involved?


The collaborative maintains two bodies, an executive steering committee and working group(s). We are currently accepting membership requests from Global 2000 corporations and cloud solutions providers. 


Steering Committee Board Member:

$77,500 Exclusively for C-level executives of Fortune 100 companies and invited senior members of the vendor/cloud community. Members set the direction of the working group(s), populate the working groups and receive voting rights to decide on the areas of focus for the 12 month period.

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Working Group Member:

$20,000 per working group project ($10,000 for start up companies Series A and below). Join large enterprise cloud customers in a working group, appoint an executive(s) to participate, and present the Working Group findings, use cases and proof of concepts at each ONUG event.

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The ONUG Collaborative has industry influence and seeks to put it to work by providing valuable tools to enable your digital transformation journey, along with many others.










Steering Committee Members:

Steering Committee members are exclusively C-level executives of Fortune 100 companies and invited cloud providers/vendors. They set the direction of its working group(s) and each Steering Committee member company receives one vote to decide the Collaborative’s area of focus over a six-month period. They also populate the working group with a member of their senior staff to work with peers.  The Steering Committee members drive the direction of the Collaborative and carry significant influence in the enterprise cloud community.   



The first project of the ONUG Collaborative was to organize a working group focused on automating cloud governance, as governance gets in the way of all digital transformation projects and is usually the root cause of project failure, due to a lack of control of information and data.  Steering Committee members populated the ACG Working Group with fortune 100 thought leaders and cloud technologists to work with peers. Currently, cloud/vendor project managers and engineering staff work with IT professionals (cloud architects/engineers, DevSecOps) within the working group to develop a reference implementation/architecture for automated cloud governance. 

For more information on the ACG Working Group Click here

What Does Participation in the ACG Working Group Mean to Your Company? 

ONUG is offering our vendor community the opportunity to join large enterprise cloud customers and vendors in the ACG Working Group.
JP Morgan Chase, Kaiser Permanente, UBS, Concourse Labs, Pfizer, PNC and others are current working group members or contributors.  The Automated Cloud Governance working group meets weekly with monthly day long workshops. Working group members receive content voting rights and listing of their brand on published papers as well as speaking spots at ONUG Conferences.

Other Benefits to Your Company Include: 


  • Participate, with high profile enterprise customers, on new and progressive industry discussions around ACG
  • Collaborate with other working group members on e-books and white papers, distributed through ONUG, available at conferences and publicized through major media outlets
  • Educate and advocate for:
    • Cloud transparency
    • Cloud standardized identity and data format
    • Cloud security center framework standardization
  • Present the Working Group findings, use cases and proof of concepts at 3,000 person ONUG Fall event
  • Gain exposure through ONUG communications on Working Group activity
  • Establish great professional relationships with other Working Group members 


Complete this application and an ONUG team member will be in touch.  If you have any questions about the working group, or the process, you may contact Paul Agranat  


The ACG White Paper

Released in May 2020, the ACG White Paper sought to educate the industry on and advocate for: 

  • Cloud transparency 
  • Cloud standardized identity and data format 
  • Cloud security center framework standardization

This work was recently published in the Wall Street Journal.

You may download your copy of the ACG White Paper Here 


Cloud Security Notification Framework

The next phase of the Collaborative’s work is to bring in cloud providers to develop a common security notification framework reference architecture; the start of multi-cloud security notification services. Three of the four major cloud providers are participating at senior engineering and project management levels.  Our goal is to make a common open source security notification framework available in the industry so that cloud governance and policy can be automated, thus a shared responsibility model, a reality.  In phase three, compliance officers are to be invited. 




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