ONUG’s Elite Community of IT Business Leaders Delivers Insights on Automation and Monitoring to Run Software-Defined Infrastructure

Initiates Formation of $1B Cloud Based Infrastructure Analytic Applications and Monitoring 2.0 Market with Supporting Lab to Accelerate Change

November 1, 2016 – Boston – The Open Networking User Group (ONUG) today announced output from the ONUG Fall 2016 Conference hosted by FedEx in New York City. IT business leaders, standards groups, open source communities, vendors, and academics shared insights on the realization of a cloud-based, open software-defined infrastructure for the large enterprise.

Pervasive throughout the event were discussions highlighting real life challenges in transitioning large organizations to cloud-based open infrastructure. Gene Sun from FedEx addressed the topic by sharing insights into FedEx’s cloudification journey as it navigates its digital transformation strategy. The Great Debate delved deeper into the same topic, with Scott Bradner, a legendary figure in internet governance, moderating a debate between Stanford University’s Dr. David Cheriton and Dr. Jennifer Rexford of Princeton University on two futures of open networking. For the next business cycle, Dr. Cheriton, who was voted the winner, supported the vision of a cloud-based, software-defined world with extensible software engineering principles, while Dr. Rexford argued that open networking could only be achieved through a broader industry program that includes a new abstraction layer and open source initiatives.

Furthermore, the work conducted on behalf of the ONUG Working Groups and Open IT Frameworks Industry Initiatives during the past six months provided direction for engineers and operational teams striving to digitally transform their businesses and has reinforced the need for the new market to support and control the management of cloud-based infrastructure.

The Open Traffic Management Format initiative set forth a multivendor monitoring architecture and Open Network State Format initiative called for the creation of a new market for analytics applications to exploit next generation monitoring. The focus of the two initiatives in now centered on creating market conditions to enable a thriving ecosystem of open, closed, and homegrown software. The new ecosystem will span public and private cloud and will deliver automation, orchestration, and tools to engineer and operationalize today’s highly integrated best of breed solutions.

To promote the development of this Analytics and Monitoring 2.0 market, ONUG announced the ONUG Lab. The new ONUG Lab will provide a proof of concept by building a multivendor monitoring infrastructure, which companies, academics, and the open source community may use to develop analytic applications. These new applications will address software-managed infrastructure in the age of dynamic and distributed workloads.

“Cloudification across public and private infrastructure is fundamental to compete in the digitally transformed economy, but there are significant obstacles for companies to fully embrace this open IT framework approach,” said Nick Lippis, Co-Chairman and Co-Founder of ONUG. “The ONUG Community is cognizant of the fundamental business, technology and cultural shifts in moving organizations to the digitally transformed era. In response, ONUG is leading a movement to create a new market that provides engineers and operational teams with tools to enable faster solution integration and agility.”

At the event, ONUG also proclaimed 2017 as the year in which SD-WAN solutions will become mainstream, with many Fortune 500 companies entering into full deployment. ONUG defined the SD-WAN market in 2013, providing a platform for IT executives to express successes and challenges, develop use cases, and work with the vendor community to offer solutions. Moreover, participants from the Open SD-WAN Exchange initiative proposed pivotal recommendations to existing standards bodies, creating ‘service-level’ specifications not currently being developed.

Additionally, the ONUG Software-Defined Security Services, Brilliant Box Infrastructure, and Open Hybrid Cloud Working Groups presented their findings, launching new open IT frameworks and industry initiatives to drive the transition to open software-defined infrastructure.

The event closed with ONUG’s popular Town Hall Meeting, where executives from Nokia, AT&T, Verizon, Pluribus Networks, Cisco, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise took to the stage. Moderated by Harmen Van der Linde of Citigroup, the lively discussion focused on the question, “How ready are networks to be analytics friendly?” another pivotal consideration to create a market for software-defined infrastructure analytic applications and monitoring.

The next ONUG Conference is scheduled for May 2017 in San Francisco. ONUG Fall 2017 will return to New York City in October.

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