ONUG to Host NSF-Supported Workshop on SDN

ONUG Fall Workshop on SDN In Large Enterprise Networks Now Accepting Applications

August 24, 2015 – Boston – The Open Networking User Group (ONUG) today announced it would host a National Science Foundation-supported workshop on “SDN in Large Enterprise Networks” in conjunction with the upcoming ONUG Fall 2015. The workshop will take place November 3-4 at New York University’s Kimmel Center.

In the two-day workshop, researchers will learn about SDN successes and challenges directly from leading IT executives deploying the technologies. Executives will share details of their network scale, special requirements, use of SDN, and unexpected issues within the deployment process. The goal of the workshop is to help identify important underlying research problems that must be solved to achieve the full potential of SDN.

“The goal of ONUG has always been to advance SDN and open cloud infrastructure by facilitating a higher level of engagement between IT business leaders, standards organizations, and members of the academic, research, and vendor communities,” said Nick Lippis, ONUG co-founder and co-chairman. “Hosting the NSF-supported workshop at ONUG Fall takes this one step further, providing an invaluable opportunity to strengthen the relationship with researchers and incorporate their expertise as the industry forges ahead with SDN deployments.”

Interested participants are required to submit a two-paragraph statement describing their background, interest in SDN, and the value they would add to the workshop discussions no later than August 31st. Travel expenses for researchers and meals during the workshop will be supported by the NSF. In addition, the NSF will support participation by up to seven PhD students. Visit the event website for more information and to submit an application to participate.

To register for the ONUG Fall Academy and Conference click here.


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