ONUG IT Business Leaders Publish Use Cases and Rally Vendors to Deliver Multivendor Interoperable Solutions

ONUG Defines Six Steps to a Common Networking Ecosystem                                                                    

November 12, 2014 – Boston – The Open Networking User Group (ONUG) Board today announced highlights from ONUG Fall 2014, including the release of three new use case white papers each with top 10 high-level requirements from the NSV, Network Overlay, and SD-WAN Working Groups, Six Steps to a Common Networking Ecosystem, and a breakdown of the Open Networking Promise. Moreover, the Board issued a call to IT business leaders, standards organizations, and the vendor community to work together to expedite delivery of open networking solutions.

“ONUG recommends and encourages all IT business leaders to review the ONUG working group use cases, modify them for unique requirements, engage the vendor community to develop multivendor interoperable demonstrations, and appropriate budget,” said Nick Lippis, Chairman and Co-Founder of the Open Networking User Group. “83 percent of the respondents at ONUG Fall 2014 reported their networks today were either ‘not at all’ or ‘a little’ open, yet 75 percent reported they will move from open networking pilots to limited deployments within 6 months. These multivendor use cases are essential to meet the reported timetables.”

The ONUG Working Groups, led by IT business leaders with contributions from vendors active in the ONUG community, each defined their top 10 requirements for the SD-WAN, Virtual Network Overlays, and NSV use cases, respectively. In addition, the working groups have each released a white paper detailing their requirements, which they hope will serve as guidelines to drive the vendor community to deliver open and interoperable networking solutions.

In addition to making the working group requirements and white papers available, the ONUG Board has outlined the following Six Steps to a Common Networking Ecosystem:

  1. 1. Common automatic discovery, provisioning and asset registration
  2. 2. Common DevOps/NetOps automated orchestration tools for network configuration and change management
  3. 3. Common control mechanism for physical and virtual switches plus routers
  4. 4. Common baseline policy that is standard among all vendors and enforced by common controller environment
  5. 5. Common state management database that is a standard among all vendors so that network state is automatically captured for all physical and virtual network devices.
  6. 6. Common integrated monitoring of overlay and underlay open networks

Together, the Working Group requirements and Six Steps support the ONUG Open Networking Promise, which outlines the following benefits of adopting open networking and SDN technologies:

  • A fundamentally new Total Cost of Network Ownership model that radically lowers OpEx and CapEx
  • Software ecosystem: where rapid innovation is injected into the industry
  • Vendor-independent network design flexibility
  • Centralized network management tools and views
  • Most importantly, faster IT delivery and more efficient business processes

Looking toward the next ONUG conference, in spring 2015, the ONUG Board encourages all community members to review the use cases, modify them for their unique requirements, engage the vendor community to develop multivendor interoperable demonstrations, and appropriate budget. Vendors currently active in ONUG or those interested in becoming a part of the ONUG community are urged to work together with other ONUG members to develop multivendor interoperable Proof of Concepts, to be highlighted at the spring event.

Vendors engaged with ONUG at the recent Fall conference include: Arista Networks, Big Switch Networks, Brocade, Cisco, CloudGenix, Dell, Glue Networks, Intel, NEC, Nuage Networks, Pertino, Pluribus Networks, Silver Peak, vArmour, Versa Networks, Viptela, VMware, and VSS Monitoring. 

The ONUG Working Group white papers and requirements documents are available now and can be downloaded at the following links:


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