ONUG Completes Industry’s First Multivendor Proof of Concepts Based on Real IT User Requirements

Working Groups Evolve with Strong Networking Management Focus and Commitment to Drive Open Cloud Infrastructure Solutions

October 14, 2015 – Boston – The Open Networking User Group (ONUG) today announced the inclusion of multivendor proof of concept demonstrations at ONUG Fall 2015. These proof of concepts are an industry first and demonstrate the creation of an industry wide software-defined infrastructure ecosystem in the making, which will be a highlight of the fall conference at NYU on November 4th and 5th.

“Since their creation following our Spring 2014 Conference, the ONUG Working Groups have played an increasingly important role in the ONUG Community,” said Nick Lippis, Co-Chairman and Co-Founder of ONUG. “The ultimate goal of the working groups is to open what is currently a closed industry and drive product development to meet IT business leader requirements for open enterprise cloud infrastructure.”

With this in mind, the Virtual Networks/Overlays and SD-WAN working groups, which completed product feature verification testing earlier this year, will be conducting proof of concept demonstrations, with the participation of over 15 vendor companies. The focus of these demonstrations will be on showcasing the working group use case top requirements, functionality, integration, and operability as vendor companies collaborate to address market needs.

Additionally, within the working groups, ONUG has seen a growing user demand for automation and orchestration of network infrastructure, evidenced by the emergence of four groups focused on making the network more open and automated in its management: Network State Collection, Traffic Monitoring/Visibility, Automated Configuration, and SDN Federation/Operability Orchestration. As a result, these groups have organized around their common goals as part of the ONUG Open Networking Management Stack and will collaborate to present their work at ONUG Fall. This management focus is unique to ONUG and a direct reflection of the changing user needs as organizations transition toward open software-defined cloud infrastructure.

Status updates can also be expected from the NSV and Software-Defined Data Center Security Fabric working groups.

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