ONUG Announces the First Open Cybersecurity Reference Solution for the Digital Enterprise Hybrid/Multi-Cloud Era at ONUG Spring in Dallas

DALLAS, TEXAS, (April 29, 2019) — ONUG announced today the availability of the industry’s first verifiable security reference solution for building Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Infrastructure. Developed by ONUG’s Software-Defined Security Services Working Group and solution integration partner Microland Ltd., the solution enables IT business professionals to deliver digital innovations for their organizations with greater efficiency and speed. Details on the security reference solution version 1.0 will be revealed during the May 7th session at 3:30 pm, “A Cybersecurity Reference Solution for Multi-Cloud Workloads” led by Stephen Collins, Chief Technology Officer of ONUG Working Groups, Forrest Bennett, Cyber Security Advisor of FedEx Services, and Syed Mohamed, Global Head of Cyber Security of Microland India Ltd.

ONUG Working Groups foster an environment for peer review that is unique to the digital transformation community. For this reference solution, rigorous definition of use cases and reference architectures were established, resulting in a resource that IT professionals can trust with a high level of confidence. “In technology, there is too much repetitive work,” said Mr. Robert Wysocki, Chief Technology Officer of Microland Ltd. “For example, setting up labs to validate vendor capabilities — 80% of these tests are likely common across enterprises. By making this work commonly accessible and shareable, we enable everyone to move at a quicker pace and focus on value-add functions that are truly core to their business.”

“In the digital era, IT is a solution integration function where coders stitch software building blocks together to deliver good digital outcomes. The problem is that there are no reference solutions guiding this work, thus IT organizations are on their own in an endless cycle of trial and error that waste time and resources,” said Nick Lippis, ONUG Co-Founder and Co-Chair. “The ONUG and Microland Ltd. partnership aims to provide well understood and verifiable reference solutions that IT professionals can use to hasten their journey to become digital enterprises. Security is the number one inhibitor to building hybrid/multi-cloud infrastructure, thus we choose to focus there first.”

The ONUG security reference solution version 1.0 is scheduled for availability in Q2 calendar year 2019 to be further enhanced and refined over the summer months leading up to ONUG Fall in NYC, Oct 16-17. A limited number of vendors will be supported to have their products/solutions verified through Microland Ltd. and gain the ONUG Software-Defined Security Services logo license that assures their products meet the requirements of the reference solution version 1.0. Priority will go to ONUG Software-Defined Security Services Working Group members.

Join the conversation at ONUG Spring, May 7-8 at the Conference Center at Cityplace Tower in Dallas. We are addressing the questions about constructing hybrid multi-cloud environments and building the infrastructure that will support current digital transformation initiatives. ONUG Fall will take place October 16-17 in New York City, and ONUG Europe December 4-5 in London. For more information, visit our website.


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