Networking Disruption Continues – ONUG Selects Top Use Cases: Software-Defined WAN, Virtual Networks/Overlays and Network Services Virtualization

Real World Use Cases Shared

Increase in Open Networking Limited Deployments Reported

May 14, 2014 – Boston, MA – The Open Networking User Group (ONUG) held its Spring meeting May 5-6, 2014 and presented real world open networking use cases, deployments and requirements by innovative IT business leaders from Citigroup, Gap, Inc., Pfizer, Cigna, JPMorgan Chase, Credit Suisse, FedEx, and others. ONUG’s Board of Directors presented nine use cases and associated requirements to simplify operations, prevent vendor lock-in, lower OpEx and CapEx, and ensure faster delivery of open networking solutions.  The ONUG IT business leaders then voted and identified the top three priorities most likely to be included in RFIs/RFQs during 2014 and beyond:

  1. Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN)
  2. Virtual Networks/Overlays
  3. Network Services Virtualization

ONUG shared the following research self-reported by the IT leaders which coincided highly with small group fireside chat discussions calling for development of use cases and more operations training as companies move from pilots to deployments.

  • 63 percent said their networks today are “not open at all”, while another 26 percent said their networks are “somewhat” or  “a little” open today.
  • An increase of 11 percent from the ONUG Fall 2013 at JPMorgan Chase was reported of the ONUG community that are in limited deployments of open networking.
  • Those reviewing open networking today reported it will take an additional quarter to go to pilot, but they still believe that within a year those pilots will transition to limited deployments.

“The ONUG community represents a diverse group of IT business leaders interested in a range of solutions offered from highly disruptive start-ups to evolutionary approaches that deliver agility to the infrastructure installed today based upon a range of secure, open source, open standard, interoperable multi-vendor solutions,” said Nick Lippis, ONUG Chairman and Co-Founder. “ONUG Spring 2014 saw a true convergence of community develop among the IT leaders representing a range of industries and highly interactive dialogue with the vendor ecosystem.”

Vendors participating at ONUG Spring 2014 included: Adara Networks, Avi Networks, Cisco, Cleversafe, F5 Networks, Glue Networks, HP, Intel, Ixia, NEC, Nuage Networks, Pertino, Pluribus Networks, Stateless Networks, Storiant, vArmour, Vidyo, Viptela, and VMware.

The complete list of the ONUG Spring 2014 Use Cases Requirements and detailed descriptions includes:

IT business leaders can receive a white paper of the top three ONUG use cases or participate in a working group by joining the ONUG community, or contribute to the discussion on LinkedIn at Open Networking User Group or, follow us on Twitter @ONUG_


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