Leaders of Large Enterprises and Federal Government Dignitaries Speak Openly on Requirements at ONUG Spring

Critical Information Sharing Fuels Call to Action for Network Automation and Cloudification of Virtualized Assets via Open IT Frameworks Initiatives

May 18, 2016 – Boston – The Open Networking User Group (ONUG) today announced output from ONUG Spring 2016, hosted by Intuit in Mountain View, California. Last week, federal government dignitaries, enterprise IT leaders, and academics took the stage to share requirements for the adoption and evaluation of software-defined infrastructure. Ultimately, a stronger collective user voice emerged from the two-day conference, communicating requirements, committing to the collaborative development of open solutions, and driving the open narrative within the industry at large.

“The dialogue at ONUG Spring 2016 marked a shift in the industry, as IT business leaders found their voice and now feel comfortable sharing the necessary requirements within their organizations to drive positive change,” said Nick Lippis, Co-Chairman and Co-Founder of ONUG. “The industry no longer looks to certain organizations for solutions; instead, buyers look for solutions that correspond to their requirements, regardless of the vendor. We are honored to play such an active role in facilitating this paradigm shift.”

At the spring conference, the U.S. Government added its voice to the ONUG Community as Major General Sarah E. Zabel stressed that the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) seeks the same benefits of automation as other IT executives at ONUG. General Zabel’s morning keynote steered vendors toward software-defined enterprise solutions and network automation technologies that meet real IT business leader needs.

Pervasive throughout the event were discussions highlighting organizational challenges in transitioning to software-defined infrastructures, including the need for open hybrid cloud frameworks, the importance of software-defined security services, and the new role of network services brokers.

The continued support for private cloud infrastructure was evidenced in the ONUG Great Debate, where Dr. Douglas Comer of Purdue, arguing in favor of private cloud, prevailed with an overwhelming 78 percent of community support. Another panel session further emphasized the necessity for open hybrid cloud frameworks to help ease the transition for enterprise buyers.

Echoing these prevalent themes, four of the ONUG Working Groups published white papers detailing their requirements. The papers – on Software-Defined Security Services, Virtual Networks/Overlays, SDN Federation/Operability, and Open Hybrid Cloud – are now available to download on the ONUG website.

Additionally, the following ONUG Open IT Framework Industry initiatives were unveiled to capture working group requirements and facilitate the development of corresponding solutions:

  • Open SD-WAN Exchange (OSE)
  • Open Interoperable Control Plane (OICP)
  • Open Traffic Management Format (OTMF)
  • Open Network State Format (ONSF)

The initiatives serve as a call to action for the vendor community, standards groups, open source communities, and entrepreneurs to collaborate on the development of standards and open source code, while also creating a governing body to oversee them.

Leading up to ONUG Fall sponsored by FedEx in New York City, October 24-26, the ONUG Community will continue to communicate collective aggregated requirements through the ONUG Working Groups and newly formed initiatives workshops.

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