All ports of new cVu platform integrate ubiquitous port intelligence with triggered packet interception to deliver real-time traffic visibility, granular telemetry, automatic alerts, and complete packet Inspection


NEW YORK, NY – October 29, 2013  cPacket Networks has today unveiled its new cVu-400NG traffic monitoring switch with all smart ports. It delivers the first platform that integrates packet brokering functionality with ubiquitous port intelligence.

cPacket’s smart ports deliver real-time detailed performance monitoring, wirespeed complete packet inspection, and triggered interception based on pattern matching and traffic anomalies. Network operators can access the information from all the smart ports of multiple cVu devices centrally from cPacket’s unified dashboard.

“cPacket is changing the network performance monitoring space by integrating ubiquitous port intelligence into packet brokers,” said Rony Kay, cPacket Networks Founder and CEO. “Network telemetry for traffic monitoring is fundamental to the Open Networking User Group (ONUG),” said Nick Lippis, ONUG Chairman and Co-Founder. “The cVu-400NG provides network engineers and managers with tools necessary to monitor, catch, and mitigate issues in the most complex networks and avoid situations that can lead to substantial business losses.  In today’s high speed networks, which are at the heart of many businesses, this is critical.”

The cVu 400NG’s triggered interception feature has a significant impact on operational efficiency:  network professionals can instantly find relevant packets right before and after a critical event — on all the smart ports concurrently — in real-time.  This allows immediate root-cause analysis that radically shortens the time to resolution. By contrast, in the past, it required an unproductive and time-consuming effort of manually gathering traffic on disks at each individual location and sifting through the vast amount of packet data, which is after-the-fact and dramatically less effective.

The cVu-400NG smart ports provide unprecedented network visibility and situational awareness of real-time traffic conditions, in addition to brokering functionality of aggregation, replication, and balancing. Unique capabilities include real-time telemetry, automatic alerts, triggered packet interception, pattern matching, nanosecond time-stamping with clock synchronization, and much more. These capabilities are enabled by cPacket’s proprietary algorithmic fabric chip.

The cVu-400NG is offered in a 1U 19” rack mountable form factor.  It has 40 network interfaces and redundant hot swappable AC and DC power supplies. The physical network interfaces include 10G ports and 40G ports with standard SFP+ and QSFP transceivers. The device has programmatic command-line and an intuitive web browser GUI that facilitates ease of use.

“cPacket continues to innovate and deliver the most advanced network traffic monitoring switches,” said Rony Kay, founder and CEO of cPacket.  “Our goal is to provide our customers an effective combination of broad situational awareness and micro-visibility into anomalies, errors, and intermittent spikes. We enable them to search and find the packets they need in order to solve problems — faster and easier than any other alternative.”

The cVu 400G is currently available in several configurations. For more details and for request for hands-on demo or on-site evaluation please contact cPacket at

About cPacket

cPacket is the recognized leader in Pervasive Network Intelligence. The company delivers solutions that radically simplify network traffic monitoring and data center performance optimization. At the heart of all of cPacket’s solutions are its unique Algorithmic Fabric chips and innovative hardware-software architecture. The company’s customers include the world largest data centers, service providers, financial and government organizations. cPacket is located in Mountain View, CA. with a field force and partners throughout Europe and Asia.

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