Blueprint for Software-Defined IT Industry Defined by Prominent ONUG Speakers

Fall Conference Highlights Influence of Groundbreaking Changes on the Future Roles of IT Operational Teams and IT Organizational Design

September 27, 2016 – Boston – The Open Networking User Group (ONUG) today announced speakers for ONUG Fall 2016, hosted by FedEx at New York’s Metropolitan Pavilion on October 24th and 25th. Throughout the forward-looking event, CTOs and CIOs from the largest enterprises across a wide range of industries will share their thoughts on what practical changes will need to take place within the IT industry for the next business cycle. Issues relevant to the transformation, including network automation, IT organizational impediments to change, hybrid cloud framework, software-defined security framework, and new paradigms for software-defined infrastructure monitoring, will be highlighted at the conference.

“At ONUG, we are committed to IT executives that are leading the open IT framework transformation and never has their voice and input mattered more,” said Nick Lippis, Co-Chairman and Co-Founder of ONUG. “At the fall event, ONUG will expand on the concept that software-defined infrastructure and open source software are the tools of the digital transformation age. IT executives are challenged to build solutions for their companies that enable them to compete with digitally transformed organizations. ONUG will provide the forum for IT executives to discuss how to approach this new paradigm, which promises to offer great opportunities for those who embrace it and massive disruption for those who choose to ignore it. ONUG will continue to encourage open dialogue between executives on the front lines and organizations developing corresponding solutions for those embracing this change.”

Launching the event, Chris Drumgoole will draw on his experience as CTO in leading business transformation programs at GE and will explore the future of open IT and its ability to create greater business value for the world economy. Drumgoole will address a primary concern for nearly all CIO and CTOs of Global 2000 companies – the trade-off of exploiting cloud infrastructure while simultaneously supporting legacy IT.

A panel session, moderated by Dr. Jennifer Rexford of Princeton University, will bring together cross-industry IT executives to examine the subject from another perspective. The panel of IT leaders will discuss the future of IT as it pertains to business value creation, industry structure, IT infrastructure, and IT organizational design, culture, and skill sets from their individual perspectives.

Not to be missed is a presentation by Kevin Humphries, SVP of Information Technology at FedEx Services, who will explore the future of IT and lessons learned by one of the largest connected industries and most admired brands in the world. Humphries will address the shift toward a software-defined infrastructure as well as the talents and skill sets that will be required in 2020. The role of machine learning and Artificial intelligence (AI) in the data center will also be highlighted.

The ONUG Board has also confirmed the following prestigious speakers:

  • AIG – George Maddaloni
  • AO Asset Management – Subu Subrahmanyan
  • AT&T – John Medamana
  • Apstra – Mansour Karam, Derick Winkworth
  • Bank of America – Conrad Menezes
  • BBN – Ali Sydney
  • Bloomberg –Yan Filyurin
  • BNY Mellon – Neal Secher
  • Citigroup – Ali Iloglu, Walter Pritchard, Harmen Van der Linde
  • Cisco – Dave Ward, Steve Wood
  • Cybera – Cliff Duffey
  • Cowen – Paul Silverstein
  • Credit Suisse – Vesko Pehlivanov
  • Exxon Mobil – Chris Currington
  • FedEx – Aryo Kresnadi, Gene Sun
  • Fidelity Investments – Carlos Matos
  • Gap Inc. – Vishal Goradia, Snehal Patel
  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise – Don Fedyk
  • IDC – Rohit Mehra, Brad Casemore
  • IHS – Cliff Grossner
  • Intuit – Bruce Pinsky, Ted Turner
  • JP Morgan Securities – Rod Hall
  • Kindred Healthcare – Eric Murray
  • Legendary Figure in Internet Governance– Scott Bradner
  • Moogsoft – Richard Whitehead
  • Moor Insights and Strategy – John Fruehe
  • Morgan Stanley – John Storm
  • NetScout – Babak Roushanaee
  • Nokia – Basil Alwan
  • Nuage Networks – Senad Palislamovic
  • ONUG – Nick Lippis
  • Pluribus Networks – Kumar Srikantan, Sunay Tripathi
  • Pfizer – Nelson Tai
  • Princeton University – Nick Feamster
  • Stanford University – Dr. David Cheriton
  • Steelcase – Matt Bielecki
  • Tech Field Day – Stephen Foskett
  • Technology Journalist – Peter Burrows
  • UBS – Jim Younan
  • Veriflow – Brighten Godfrey
  • Verizon – Bryan Larish
  • Viptela – James Winebrenner
  • Visa, Inc. – Fred Lima
  • Wells Fargo – John Burns
  • Yahoo – Lane Patterson
  • 451 Research – Jim Duffy
  • ZK Research – Zeus Kerravala

Pivotal to the event, is an unveiling of the progress made by the ONUG Working Groups & Open IT Framework Initiatives throughout the summer. In an industry first, IT leaders and vendors will speak out together on their challenges and progress in developing open source code and standards based upon their previously identified use case requirements.

Presentations, such as one co-moderated by Conrad Menezes from Bank of America and Steve Wood from Cisco Systems, in the ‘Open SD-WAN Exchange Update (OSE)’ will further reinforce the necessity of collaboration between IT executives and vendors in successful development. A proof of concept on the OSE Initiative, providing a base level of interoperability between SD-WAN vendors, will be a highlight of these sessions.

ONUG Fall 2016 takes place at New York’s Metropolitan Pavilion on October 24 – 25, 2016 and is hosted by FedEx. Registration is now open.

About ONUG

ONUG is the leading community of IT executives focused on enabling greater choice and options for IT business leaders by advocating open interoperable hardware and software-defined infrastructure solutions that span across the entire IT stack, all in an effort to create business value. The ONUG Board is composed of IT leaders from Bank of America, BNY Mellon, Cigna, Citigroup, Credit Suisse, FedEx, Fidelity Investments, Gap Inc., GE, Intuit, JPMorgan Chase, the Lippis Report, Morgan Stanley, Pfizer, UBS, and Yahoo. For more on ONUG, go to or follow us on Twitter @ONUG_