Big Switch Launches SDN Starter Kits

SANTA CLARA, Calif. — Big Switch Networks, the company bringing hyperscale networking to data centers worldwide, announced at the Open Networking User Group meeting that it is now offering two “starter kits” for its Big Cloud Fabric product that began shipping in September. The starter kits provide the switch hardware and SDN software necessary for projects ranging from small lab PoCs up to two-rack production deployments ready for IaaS Clouds, Big Data, Server/Network Virtualization, and VDI use cases.

“While our thought-leading customers are building larger Big Cloud Fabric pods with up to 16 racks and 16K VMs, we are seeing tremendous interest from mainstream data center administrators who want to experience operational simplicity but initially on smaller projects,” said Douglas Murray, CEO, Big Switch Networks. “These starter kits are intended to make mainstream adoption fast and easy.”

Big Cloud Fabric offers an application-centric approach to configuration, a single point for provisioning and fabric operations, modern features for troubleshooting and security workflows. Since its launch in July, the product is now in production with customers and has received astream of positive product evaluations. By leveraging Trident II-based bare metal / open networking switch hardware, Big Cloud Fabric reduces vendor lock-in risk and hits far more competitive price points compared to incumbent vendors’ proprietary fabrics built with legacy technologies.

The first starter kit, priced at $40K (US list price), is intended for lab use and comes with two bare metal / open networking leaf switches, one spine switch and one year software licenses for a pair of Big Cloud Fabric controller virtual appliances. The second starter kit, priced at $99K (US list price), is intended for production use and comes with four bare metal / open networking leaf switches, two spine switches, and a pair of Big Cloud Fabric controller physical appliances with three year software licenses. Both starter kits also include Switch Light OS on bare metal / open networking switches, Hardware and Software support, and detailed deployment guides for project such as OpenStack clouds.