ADARA to Exhibit at Open Networking User Group Fall 2013 in New York

ADARA’s Chief Software Architect and VP Technology & Strategy to Demonstrate

Company’s Advanced SDN Platform

San Jose, Calif., October 28, 2013– ADARA Networks®, a global software company in the software defined networking space, will exhibit and demonstrate a selection of the advanced capabilities of its Software Defined Networking (SDN) product offerings at Open Networking User Group (ONUG) Fall 2013  in New York on October 29-30. The ONUG’s Fall 2013 event will be hosted by JPMorgan Chase at their New York City headquarters and will provide attendees tutorials, workshops and best practices for implementing Open Networking and Software-Defined Networking (SDN) designs.

“ADARA is honored to be exhibiting among top IT leaders at such an important conference as ONUG Fall 2013,” said Sue Hares, Vice President Technology & Strategy, ADARA Networks. “ADARA’s demonstrations show the most needed SDN capabilities: Auto- Orchestration, Provisioning, Configuration, and Dynamic Multi-layer Multi-variable Troubleshooting and Visualization; all native to ADARA; the industry’s most complete production SDN platform.”

Exhibiting and demonstration details for ADARA Networks at ONUG Fall 2013 include:

Date: October 29-30, 2013
JPMorgan Chase Headquarters, New York City

“ONUG provides a platform for IT business leaders to take control of their IT architecture to influence vendor product development investments, standards and open source initiatives through prioritized use cases, product test methodology, and benchmarks to assure the promise of open networking,” said Nick Lippis, ONUG Chairman and Co-Founder. “ONUG sends a strong message to vendors, standards and open source organizations that open networking today is customer driven and we’re pleased that companies like ADARA Networks are engaging in dialog with the ONUG community.”

ADARA’s Chief Software Architect, Karthikeyan Subramaniam, will demonstrate the holistic ADARA SDN solution which provides a service aware, end-to-end Layer 1-7 solution, which improves total utilization of IT virtual and physical resources in the data center, enterprise, and WAN network. Industry experts seeing the solution called it years ahead of the simple component SDN devices which are limited to “Layer 2-4 with rule lookup and forward” devices which provide a piece meal solution.

ADARA’s Vice President, Technology & Strategy, Susan Hares, will demonstrate how the solution extends from Android phone applications to movement of VM jobs across compute clusters; and discuss ADARA’s enterprise deployments of SDN.

ADARA will also be demonstrating the capabilities of its end-to-end SDN product offering including:

  • Infrastructure orchestration that manages all virtual and physical IT infrastructure components for compute, storage, and network devices from any 3rd party vendor
  • Service choreography with ability to manage to the level of the service, not just the level of the virtual and physical infrastructure components
  • Fully Layer 1 – 7 virtualized platform adapted to both hypervisor platforms and commodity hardware devices (switch/routers, android phones, servers, small cell boxes (femtocell, WIFI,  and LTE)
  • Autonomic management through policy, capability to dynamically create rules and make IT infrastructure configuration changes based on business services performance and policy
  • Capability to minimize East-West traffic, increase VM densities and reduce OPEX,  the mark of efficiency in computing
  • Capability to migrate services as well as virtual machines enabling novel, ultrafast virtual and cloud computing
  • Capability to allow the users to set, monitor and dynamically enforce business level goals (cost, customer satisfaction), service level goals (service availability, response, utilization), and operational goals (bandwidth, latency)
  • Capability to run on commodity hardware for photonic, switch, and cluster platforms
  • Ability to integrate and orchestrate photonic packet switching underlay networks
  • NFV and SDN capabilities on Android based mobile platforms


ADARA’s demonstration also shows how the deployed solution scales horizontally (Layer 1-7) as well as vertically (data center-to-network-to-client/end-to-end) with integrated SDN monitoring, which allows full visibility to services. This scaling allows ADARA’s holistic solution to meet the needs of Tier 1 and Tier 2 service providers, large, medium and small enterprises, as well as home and consumer markets. ADARA’s production ready solution also provides single pane of glass management, which is key for businesses.


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