Martin Holste


CTO, Cloud 



Martin Holste is the CTO for Cloud at FireEye where he is responsible for shaping cloud security offerings, developing the corporate cloud security strategy, and passionately working with customers to help secure their cloud workloads. Prior to serving as CTO for Cloud, Martin founded the cloud-native Threat Analytics Platform at FireEye based on his popular open-source Enterprise Log Search and Archive project. He introduced novel cloud architectures and practical analytics that combine search with traditional, anomaly-based analytics. Before FireEye, Martin spent most of a decade in penetration testing, incident response, and threat hunting while serving as the Incident Response Team Lead for the State of Wisconsin. Prior to that, he built large networks and management systems for the University of Wisconsin where he pioneered large-scale captive portal networks. Martin has presented serverless Big Data solutions at AWS re:Invent and open source security software, security investigation cognitive strategies, and security analytics frameworks at various security conferences around the US. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a B.S. in English and engineering.