What are the slideshow requirements?

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Please send us your presentation as .pptx or Keynote file formatted for a 16:9 aspect ratio. Be sure to include all fonts used, and ensure any media files are embedded. (Read this for help on linked vs. embedded files & here’s a video on how to embed your fonts on PPT). All embedded video files must be .mov, .mpeg, or .mp4. Do not use .wmv or any other file types. If you need to convert your files, we suggest you use VLC.
Please ZIP all your files and send via email or Google Drive to jonny@kennedyevents.com. As a back-up, please bring your presentation on a flash drive. Be sure to bring a copy of all media files and fonts, even if they are embedded in your presentation. Let us know right away if you have additional A/V needs or questions.

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