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The PoC Guidelines for ONUG Fall 2019 are available for review; please use in preparing for your PoC at ONUG.

Here are the PoC Guidelines for ONUG Fall 2019. If your company is planning to do a PoC, please submit the abstract via this Abstract Submission Form before August 30The sooner you get this information to us, the quicker we’ll have the PoC schedule ready, AND the sooner your PoC description will be on the website and in our marketing

As a reminder, this opportunity allows your organization to speak about specific products or solutions as they address the use cases and requirements that are of the greatest importance and interest to the ONUG Community.

Included in all demonstration packages is the opportunity to present a PoC:

—> New Idea & Innovator Sponsors may present a 10-minute PoC presentation
—> Thought Leader Sponsors may present a 15-minute presentation

• PoCs should address the challenges confronting enterprises deploying applications in large-scale, hybrid multi-cloud environments
• Sponsors are encouraged to present a PoC demonstration aligned with one or more of the ONUG working group use cases described in this document
• PoCs can demonstrate a complete solution or show how the sponsor’s product(s) can serve as an integral part of a multi-vendor solution

Some sponsors will be participating in the ONUG Reference Solutions taking place now & are encouraged to use PoCs to show how their company’s products plug into the ONUG Reference Solutions being developed in the SDSS, M&A & SD-WAN Working Groups.



Friday, August 30, 2019: PoC abstracts are due; all abstracts must be submitted via this link

Please email your slide deck to jeannette@onug.net as soon as available. Jeannette will bring a backup of slide decks to the conference, in case you have issues with your laptop.