ONUG Sponsor Upgrade Policy

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Each ONUG sponsorship package includes base options such as venue provided WiFi and a standard monitor.  When the opportunity is available, the Sponsor is offered the following upgrades for a fee:

  1. ethernet / hard wire
  2. larger monitor
  3. lead scanning license

The fee is determined by the venue, in consultation with ONUG.

Sponsors who request the offered upgrades will be invoiced prior to the conference by ONUG.   If the invoice is not paid in full prior to the conference, the sponsor will not be permitted to load-in.  Sponsors will be notified by ONUG of the delinquent payment 5 days before the conference, 3 days before the conference and the day before the conference.  If the upgrade fees will be paid onsite, the sponsor will notify ONUG to expect a credit card payment upon arrival.