Mid-Day Keynote Abstract & Guidelines

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Mid-Day Keynote Series Guidelines

There are two (2) Mid-Day Keynote formats

  1. A sponsor may use the 20-minute Mid-Day Keynote to deliver a significant new product or service to the community, analyst and press.
  2. The second format is a Mid-Day Partnership presentation. The spirit of this Mid-Day Presentation is rooted in collaboration and should focus on a partnership between buyer and seller to address a unique buyer problem. To ensure the above spirit, the 20-minute speaking presentation must be led by an IT end-user customer who spells out his/her challenge and process toward a solution. The user can then introduce the sponsor company as the company’s partner. The sponsor addresses how the problem was solved; it could include technical architecture, service and support, or special arrangements that were important to IT executives. Ultimately, both solution provider and IT executive should communicate results, in terms of desired attributes such as faster time to market, new economic model, increased flexibility and unique business requirements addressed. The IT executives should have the last positive word about their experience partnering with the sponsor.

Please note the ONUG Main Tent Mid-Day Keynote Series is not a venue for product sales pitches or technology road maps.