Lead Scanning Rentals & Process

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The Low-Down on Lead Scanning at ONUG

Two options are available.  Email jessica@kennedyevents.com by October 1 to request option 1 or 2. 

Option 1:  Lead Scanning License = $375
  • This option is for a license only; A personal device running iOS or Android is required. 
  • When you arrive at the venue to set up your booth, you’ll be advised which app to download for the conference. 
  • We will activate the app & your lead scanning license at that time.
  • Once activated, the camera on your personal device will be used to scan the QR codes on the attendee badges.
  • The app & license can be downloaded on multiple personal devices.  Again, we will advise you onsite which app to download & will activate your license onsite.

If you have purchased a lead scanning license for past events, the license is only valid for the conference dates.

Option 2: Lead Scanning License + Device = $550
  • When you arrive at the venue to set up your booth, you will be assigned an iPod that has the scanner, app & license downloaded. The xcanner can scan QR codes much faster than the camera on a standard personal iOS or Android device, which is why some sponsors prefer it.
  • We will activate the license when you are assigned the iPod.
  • You’ll use the rented device to scan all QR codes on the attendee badges.

Your onsite rep who activates the license onsite will be required to set up a username & password.  

  • If you have a company Boomset account, please share these details with your onsite rep prior to their arrival.
  • If you do not have a company Boomset account, your rep will create the account onsite.
IMPORTANT:  Leads can be downloaded in real time, onsite and by colleagues back in the office.  The office team will need the password & username when logging into www.boomset.com.  If the office team intends to download leads in real time, either establish the credentials as a team prior to the conference or connect with your onsite rep after they’ve activated the license to secure the credentials.
ANOTHER IMPORTANT TIP:  We strongly suggest your team set up your booth & work with us to get your lead retrieval set up and running smoothly the day before the conference.
The lead data provided in your report will include:
First & Last Name
Email Address
Work Address
Work Telephone