How do I register my staff?

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We’ve made it much easier to register your staff! 

You will not be issued staff codes.  Instead, the sponsor point-of-contact will be assigned staff passes via our ticketing platform.

  • Step 1:
    Click here for the registration link
    Enter your email 
    Once you’ve entered your email, the following message will appear:   Your email was verified!
    We’ve sent an email to with a link to your registration management page. 
  • Step 2:
    Check your inbox for an email with the subject:  Manage registration link for ONUG
    The email will look like this…
  • Step 4:
    Click on the “Manage Your Registration” link.   (We suggest “bookmarking” it or making it a “favorite” on your web browser.)Here you’ll see the staff tickets you have for ONUG. You can “Edit Details” to assign tickets to the necessary staff. Or, if someone is unable to attend, you can transfer a ticket to someone else by clicking “Transfer Registration“.

    To transfer a ticket, just input the attendee’s email address, first name, and last name. This will send them a confirmation email with their ticket information. They will be able to adjust their registration information through this same link if they need to.

PLEASE NOTE:  Passes cannot be traded, swapped, or substituted onsite.