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While many of your customers and/or prospects are together at ONUG, we encourage you to take the opportunity to invite them to gather for a dinner and discussion. To assist with your team’s planning, we can provide a list of local area restaurant options. In addition, if there are members of the ONUG Board you would like in attendance, we can extend your dinner invitation to board members or colleagues within their organizations.

For the best results and attendance, we suggest planning a content-based informal dinner (perhaps include an analyst panel or live podcast on a relevant topic as dinner entertainment) or a cocktail party for all attending IT end users. In these more inclusive instances, we can also help extend open invitations to all registered IT business leaders. For support from the ONUG team, please provide dinner details no later than September 16, 2019.

Private dinners should take place on the evening of October 16 around 7:00pm, following the day one reception.

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