Become Active in the ONUG Working Groups Initiatives & Present a PoC

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The work of most interest to ONUG Community members is being conducted throughout the year in the ONUG Working Group Initiatives. Make sure that members of your team are dialed in and attending these meetings to collaborate with IT buyers on the initiatives in which they’re investing. This is a great opportunity to hear directly from your customers and prospects, drive real changes your buyers are looking for, and stay engaged with the community throughout the year. Active members of the Working Group Initiatives may also be invited by the chairmen to participate in the panel update session at the conference.

Moreover, active participants have a better view of the requirements of most importance to IT end users. Take advantage of the network of buyers as well as other vendors/service providers within these groups and plan a PoC that is highly relevant to user needs or collaborate on an interoperable solution to demonstrate at the conference. By submitting highly relevant PoC proposals well in advance, your team also has ample time to prepare and promote the PoC session to attendees pre-conference.

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