10 Ten Tips for a Successful PoC

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#10 Review the PoC Guidelines – Ideally, PoCs should demonstrate how sponsors can help enterprise users overcome the challenges associated with the ONUG Working Group use cases.

#9 Submit your Abstract asap (before 8/30, if you can) – when we receive it, we can assign a PoC time slot, and ONUG will be able to promote your PoC presentation.

#8 Let Jeannette know if your PoC will include a demo that is not part of your slide deck. Keep it simple!

#7 Send your final slide deck to Jeannette before the conference (no later than 10/11) in order for your PoC recording to be properly prepared.

#6 Be sure your laptop is AV-ready for the venue (@ NYC, you will need an HDMI connection or dongle + an E-net connection or dongle).

#5 Arrive at assigned PoC Theater 10 minutes before your time slot. Always pays to be a little early to be ready to go.

#4 Be sure to speak into the microphone so the recording will be clear. Your one take will be great!

#3 Watch your time – practice giving your presentation and try to aim for about a minute shorter than your allotted time.

#2 Have a few copies of your slide deck ready to hand to people but invite them to get the deck from you at your booth.

#1 Think end user case studies and solutions – PoC is Proof of Concept after all, so focus on solutions, not a sales pitch, in your presentation.