Justify Your Trip

Still need corporate approval to attend ONUG? We want to help. 

ONUG brings together innovative IT executives from some of the largest enterprises, as well as government representatives, academics and researchers, and members of the vendor and open source communities to drive the digital transformation and advocate for open infrastructure solutions. Speakers and session content are driven by our IT end user community to reflect what buyers really need and propel the industry forward in the development of vendor and service provider solutions that directly address these requirements.

Attendees at ONUG make connections with other like-minded individuals, learn from peers about best practices and deployment experiences, and add their voices to the collective community to expand our influence and effectuate real change across the industry.

Please make sure you download our Business Justification Toolkit, which includes all of the information you’ll need to convince your boss that a trip to ONUG is valuable, not only for personal advancement, but also for your organization as a whole. Also take a look at the helpful materials below.

Don’t let us tell you why ONUG is valuable, hear it directly from members of our community: