IT Agility Through Software Driven Operator Centric Networking


  • Jay Etchings, Arizona State University 
  • Yousuf Hasan, Brocade

Session Description

All organizations struggle with the agility and economics of traditional networking. While the capex cost per unit of capacity is decreasing it never reaches zero – and the services, applications, devices, end-users and expectations are rapidly increasing.  This makes the operational aspect of the network more challenging and more expensive, with the ratio of network engineers to devices managed in the network fundamentally out of whack. So it costs too much to manage and operate, it lacks agility so it takes too long to do anything, and its fragility leads to problems and complete breakdown.  All these things come down to traditional network approaches are too difficult to operate.  New open software-centric networking approaches hold promise to help automate IT services, but to date have been the domain of large organizations with commensurate skillsets and resources, yet these operational challenges are faced by all.  In this talk we explore customer needs the challenge of the lack of operator centricity in traditional networks and how Brocade is working with our customers leveraging an open networking approach to bring to market network applications that all customers can deploy, today, to immediately gain benefits of software networking to improve their IT agility.