Is the Open Software-Defined Infrastructure Market Sustainable?




Quentin Hardy

New York Times



Christy_TempBarry Eggers HeadshotRod HallPeter Levine HeadshotJayson Noland

  • Peter Christy, 451 Research
  • Barry Eggers, Lightspeed Venture Partners
  • Rod Hall, JPMorgan Chase
  • Peter Levine, Andreessen Horowitz
  • Jayson Noland, Baird

Session Description

As IT infrastructure changes from hardware-defined to software-defined, less money will flow to both existing hardware-based firms as well as new software-defined companies. How will the IT industry structure change? Is VMware the last closed software company of its size as the market transitions to open source? Can open source-based start-ups ever scale to support R&D and provide global support? Are the established vendors waiting for the open software-defined infrastructure startups to run out of runway only to foster a return to closed software and hardware solutions? With less money to fund enterprise infrastructure firms, will there need to be a reset in investor expectations? What is the go forward business model(s) for companies in the enterprise infrastructure market? Is this exactly what IT business leaders have been advocating for? We’ll explore these questions and more during this panel session.