How CloudGenix SD-WAN Secured Remote Offices, Improved Remote Office App Performance and Availability, and Significantly Lowered WAN Costs


  • Asad Jafari, Restoration Hardware
  • Kumar Ramachandran, CloudGenix

Session Description

As CTO at a major retailer, the challenges I face are security for the retail locations, getting cloud and omni-channel ready, reducing costs in a highly competitive environment, while increasing application performance and availability. In talking with my peer CTOs, every vertical, whether retail or finance, or hospitality faces similar challenges.  We started to evaluate SD-WAN solutions as a means to solve these issues through a transformation of our remote office/store WAN architecture. In this session, you will learn how we evaluated SD-WAN solutions, what key elements of security were critical to our success, and how we deployed CloudGenix SD-WAN to re-architect our retail stores. We experienced over 50%+ reduction in WAN costs, while achieving over 70% improvement in application performance, and significant reduction in operational costs. Keys to our success were closely partnering with CloudGenix, and implementing a deployment model that did not require any rip and replace. The application-defined network model of CloudGenix that brings networking, security, and performance in software-based offering has proven to be the right choice.