Town Hall Meeting: Operationalizing Infrastructure as Code: The New World of Work in IT

  • 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm, May 8

    Length: 1 hour(s)

  • Session type

    Main Conference


Compute infrastructure has transitioned from hardware to software; it’s a fact that operational technicians struggle with.  Networking is the last leg on the three-legged stool of computing, storage, and networking to transition to a software model. In fact, the OSI model that has served an industry so well to organize industry structure and skill sets for so long have run its course.   OSI has become collapsed or flat and is no longer relevant. With the industry model gone and vendor-specific skills outdated, how do we as a community and industry move forward? How do we operationalize infrastructure as code? What can traditional networking, data center, and server professionals learn from application/software development and the cloud community about how to best interact with their systems?

In this Town Hall Meeting, the ONUG Board invited leading CEOs, CTOs, and GMs from the vendor and cloud community to engage in an industry discussion on what infrastructure professionals can learn from cloud and software dev teams about operationalizing their software infrastructure.