Working Group: The Five Biggest Non-Technical Impediments to Hybrid Multi-Cloud Adoption

  • 11:15 am - 12:00 pm, May 8

    Length: 45 minute(s)

  • Session type

    Working Group Meetings


  • Mick Currey

    Mick Currey

    Fidelity Investments, Director Enterprise Architecture (Cloud & Cybersecurity)

  • Sam Gambarin

    Sam Gambarin

    Kaiser Permanente, Director of Cloud Services Group

The Hybrid Multi-Cloud (HMC) Working Group initiative is an IT-executive-only ONUG working group. No vendors and press were permitted to attend these meetings during the winter months. This Working Group has two charters: 1) to provide other ONUG Working Groups with multi-cloud technical requirements and 2) to identify the largest barriers, boulders or impediments to cloud adoption within the Global 2000. On the latter, topics include IT culture change need, organizational transformation, cloud governance and compliance, automation orchestration, cybersecurity and data protection, portability, resiliency, etc. The goal of the working group is identified, communicate and address key impediments to cloud adoption. During this session, working group members share their findings, observations and industry recommendations.  This is a great session to see if your corporation is behind or ahead of the cloud adoption curve.