Barclays on Banking In the Digital Transformation Age

  • 9:30 am - 10:10 am, December 7

    Length: 40 minute(s)

  • Session type

    Main Conference


Barclays Bank is both one of the largest global banks and a global institution with more than 325 years of history and expertise in banking.  From its beginnings in Lombard Street, London through to the launch of the world’s first ATM and innovative mobile phone payments services, Barclays has leveraged IT for competitive differential advantage.   

Barclays Bank and the overall global economy are in the midst of one of the largest transformations since the Internet. It’s a digital transformation where value is created systematically throughout all industry sectors thanks to information technology barriers being eliminated and customer touch points plus value chains going digital.  Being digital is not just about new software building blocks such as blockchain, cybercurrency etc, but about the skills and culture needed to turns these blocks into successful digital business outcomes.

There is no one better positioned to talk about the business imperatives, opportunities and challenges of being digital than Cathal Corcoran Global Head of GTIS (Global Technology Infrastructure Services) Barclays Bank.  Cathal knows the importance of being a software and technology company.  In this exclusive keynote, Cathal will talk about how being digital is not an option, but a necessity for survival and how IT and its practitioners need to fundamentally change to thrive in the new secure digital economy.