Analyst Panel: How Much of IT Infrastructure Spending Will Shift to the Cloud and When?

  • 4:15 pm - 5:00 pm, December 7

    Length: 45 minute(s)

  • Session type

    Main Conference



As consumption of enterprise apps and infrastructure shift toward SaaS and PaaS, how are IT budgets changing? Spending on building large data centers and providing access to its applications via campus and branch infrastructure are waning. What will the combination of SaaS, PaaS, a new generation of native cloud workloads and the softwareitization of enterprise infrastructure have on spent? Does 5G wireless and cloud come together and disrupt the 25-year-old approach to IT delivery? During this session, an esteemed panel of financial analysts share their views on where budgets are being shifted to and who are the likely winners and losers as the IT industry transitions.