ONUG Fall 2017

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Onug Fall 2017
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October 27-28th, 2017

New York City

ONUG Testimonials

Peter Burrows
Peter Burrows

Peter Burrows
Technology Journalist, Author

ONUG has had a big impact I think on vendors pushing the industry toward more open solutions.

Dominic Wilde
Dominic Wilde

Vice President & General Manager
Data Center Networking Business Unit

ONUG sets the industry agenda for the large enterprise because it’s not a vendor led initiative.

Jennifer Rexford
Jennifer Rexford

Computer Science Department
Princeton University

The ongoing transformation to software-defined everything, depends on having the underlying technology to drive that transformation & the use cases that people solving real world problems care about. It’s bringing those pieces together that makes it so exciting to come to ONUG.

Kevin Humphries
Kevin Humphries

Senior Vice President
Enterprise Infrastructure Services

We’re looking for answers, and I think this is the group (ONUG) that can provide that.

Event Agenda

Event Speakers


    Onug Board

    • Ernest Lefner

      Ernest Lefner

      Co-Founder and Co-Chairman ONUG

      SVP Architecture & Engineering Executive Bank of America

    • Nick Lippis

      Nick Lippis

      Co-Founder and Co-Chairman ONUG

      Independent Industry Analyst Lippis Enterprises

    • Harmen Van der Linde

      Harmen Van der Linde

      Co-Chairman ONUG

      Global Head, CitiManagementTools Citigroup

    • Chris Drumgoole

      Chris Drumgoole

      Chief Technology Officer GE

    • Pablo Espinosa

      Pablo Espinosa

      Director of Network Engineering Intuit

    • Sam Gambarin

      Sam Gambarin

      Executive Director Chief Technology Office

      Cloud Application Platforms Cloud Application Services (CAS)

    • Vishal Goradia

      Vishal Goradia

      Director of Network Architecture & Engineering Gap, Inc.

    • Aryo Kresnadi

      Aryo Kresnadi

      Technical Fellow FedEx

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