Dynamic WAN at RBC


  • Marlon Drummond, Chief Architect, US Network, RBC
  • David Hughes, Founder, CEO, and Chairman of the Board, Silver Peak  


Like many enterprises today, RBC is continually looking to find new ways to add agility and a faster time to deploy to its network infrastructure. Of particular interest to RBC is an initiative to reduce its dependency on traditional MPLS by augmenting it using Internet connectivity as part of its Wide Area Network (WAN). As Chief Architect of RBC’s US network, Marlon Drummond will review how he and his team are building a dynamic, flexible WAN that not only leverages the Internet for transport at its branch offices, but adds new levels of visibility and control.

Attendees of the presentation will learn about:

  • How to evaluate solutions to meet the need for a more flexible WAN
  • What features are required beyond path control technology to make a true software-defined WAN (SD-WAN)
  • Important performance optimization techniques required to leverage the Internet, and maximize the value of MPLS
  • Initial challenges to be on the look out for and ways to avoid them