Dr. Jennifer Rexford



Professor & Chair, Computer Science Department

Princeton University



Jennifer Rexford is the Chair of the Computer Science Department at Princeton University. While working at AT&T Research from 1996-2005, she was one the designers of the Routing Control Platform (RCP)—an early SDN solution deployed in AT&T’s backbone network—and the 4D architecture for logically-centralized control of computer networks. Jennifer is involved in the Frenetic project that is creating higher-level languages for programming SDNs, and is a member of the Open Networking Foundation’s Board of Directors and co-founder of the P4 Consortium. She was the 2004 winner of ACM’s Grace Murray Hopper Award, appeared on MIT Technology Review’s 2004 TR-100 list of innovators under the age of 35, and is a member of the National Academy of Engineering.