Does SD-WAN Change The Value Conversation with Your WAN Service Provider?


  • Andre Kindness, Forrester Research


  • Mike Elmore, Cigna
  • Lane Patterson, Symantec
  • Eric Williams, MWH Global
  • Dan Vaught, Cardinal Health


SD-WAN promises to shift incremental control from service providers to enterprise IT.

As SD-WAN OEM’s surface and evolve, they will strive to deliver control back to the enterprise IT executives, while driving up a more efficient and flexible operations model.  Delivering traditional services in an enterprise managed overlay, will empower IT executives with far greater influence and governance over the control plane, path selection, security, improved time to market and ultimately cost leverage through carrier independence and more choices for underlay transport.  Many of these services have traditionally been outsourced to Service Providers and embedded in MPLS services.

Does this market transition to SD-WAN challenge current service providers to focus on the underlay?  Do features such as dynamic ports, QoS, capacity on demand, Ethernet-access and time to market / provision become the new competitive landscape?  Or does this open the door to new non-traditional enterprise connectivity providers, such as MSO’s and even aggregators?

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