Data Quality and High Quality ITOps

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Great Data leads to Great Discussions and Great Decisions 

As IT looks to partner more closely with the business, they look to data driven decisions to guide both daily and long term operational tasks. However, the impact of these decisions can be varied based upon the quality of the data being leveraged.

Join NETSCOUT, a leading enterprise network management company with an over 30 year impressive track record, as they guide you in understanding how to distill real-time, precise intelligence from mountains of data and traffic. Learn how to automate and obtain visibility into your data to make smart business critical decisions.  

This webinar will explore the challenges that IT faces in terms of data overload, costs for data indexing, and relative value of IT to business initiatives and how the data you leverage can make a difference in the services you deliver.

What You Will Learn?

  • The various data sources available and their relative quality
  • The challenges in retrieving, rationalizing and leveraging data across multiple domains
  • The future of ITOps and the viability of AIOps

Who Should Attend?

  • Enterprise/Cloud/Infrastructure/IT Architects


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  Date/Time:   Wednesday, November 18, 2020, @ 12 pm PT/3 pm ET


Zeus Kerravala,LinkedIn Icon
Founder and Principal Analyst
ZK Research


Russ Currie,LinkedIn Icon
VP Enterprise Strategy
NETSCOUT Systems, Inc.