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Women in Technology

You are invited to join the ONUG Working Group on Women in Technology.   The goal of ONUG’s Women in Technology Working Group is to advocate for women to make up 50% of technology roles by 2025 within the large enterprise.

During ONUG Digital Live in May 2020, ONUG challenged its community of Global 2000 firms to populate its Enterprise Technology workforce with at least 50% women by 2025. Cigna, a long time ONUG Member, shared with ONUG Board members that this is its diversity policy. The ONUG Board quickly decided to embrace and amplify it with a community challenge. ONUG challenged all of its members to adopt the 50/50-by-2025 policy. ONUG is taking the challenge too by adding women exclusively to its board until its population is 50/50 male/female. Also, it seeks half, if not more, of its working groups plus conference keynoters and sessions to be populated by women-in-leadership roles. 

To achieve these goals, the ONUG Women in Technology Working Group will be populated with industry leaders to effectuate these changes. 

Working Group Initiatives May Include:

  • ♦   Produce a women-specific thought leadership paper that is female minded on perspectives/profiles of women in the industry;  this paper would be circulated at ONUG Fall and throughout the industry as a Creative Commons license;
  • ♦   Nominate ONUG Board members;
  • ♦   Suggest keynote, session, working group leaders and other opportunities for women at ONUG;
  • ♦   Develop strategies to engage diversity hiring/tech teams to understand and highlight some of their initiatives; 
  • ♦   Explore how to engage ONUG Community members to embrace 50/50-by-2025 diversity hiring strategy publicly; 
  • ♦   Produce thought leadership content that challenges and celebrates achievement milestones along the journey toward 50/50-by-2025;
  • ♦   During ONUG conferences, host a dedicated room for women or a diversity safe space room;
  • ♦   Host a room dedicated to those interested in having conversations about women hiring, career growth, employers seeking to increase their hiring of women, etc.; 
  • ♦   Host a session, private or public, asking vendors and IT executives to share their challenges of hiring women in technology roles;
  • ♦   Host fireside chats and leadership sessions populated exclusively with women and other minority leaders;
  • ♦   Develop strategies and suggestions to overcome obstacles to hiring women in technology roles. 

 This working group will be empowered to make these changes at ONUG and use ONUG’s brand to communicate thought leadership initiatives in diversity.

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