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The Traffic Monitoring/Visibility Working Group stemmed out of the ONUG Fall 2014 meeting, where users prioritized the use case below as one of the top three. Since fall of 2014, the working group has published a white paper with detailed top 10 requirements.

Traffic Monitoring/Visibility is one of four working groups that make up the ONUG IT Services Lifecycle Management Framework, which is focused on management in the context of an automated software-defined world where the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) needs to be rethought. The other three groups in the Management Framework are Common Tools for Automated Configuration, Network State Collection, and SDN Federation/Operability.

Traffic Monitoring/Visibility Use Case

Problem Being Solved: Over & Underlay Traffic Filtering/Steering

  • Allows for highly customizable data capture and copy based on header and DPI matches
  • Automated/flexible  traffic steering capabilities to monitoring tools
  • Limited SPAN/monitor port capacity on network switches
  • Polling schemes don’t scale
  • Lack of network traffic/flow visibility usage trends
  • Lack of scale: need visibility into 1,000s of flows

Open Networking Components:

  • Open API and Controllers + SDN Tap application provides SPAN functionality on arbitrarily large number of switch ports + SFLOW
  • White box networks to aggregate SPAN ports

Gap: Shadow network.  Can’t monitor without big data network analytics, information visibility

  • Providing all information about network infrastructure plant

Benefits: Over & Underlay Traffic Monitoring, Steering

  • Business unit self service
  • CapEx/OpEx relief
  • Network/traffic/flow visibility

Traffic Monitoring:Visibility



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