SDN Federation/Operability
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SDN Federation/Operability stemmed out of the ONUG Spring 2015 meeting, where users submitted and then prioritized the use case below as one of the top three. The group is now one of four working groups that make up the ONUG IT Services Lifecycle Management Framework, which is focused on management in the context of an automated software-defined world where the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) needs to be rethought. The other three groups in the Management Framework are Traffic Monitoring/Visibility, Network State Collection, and Common Tools for Automated Configuration.

SDN Federation/Operability Use Case

Problem being solved

  • Lack of interoperability North/South between controllers
  • Controllers’ islands
  • More and more controllers being developed

Problem being deferred

  • Lack of interoperability East/West between controllers

Open Networking components

  • Any controllers (Storage, WAN, Server, WiFi, LAN…)
  • Controller or orchestrator for legacy networking components
  • API configuration of controllers


  • API calls and handshake between controllers
  • Orchestration of control planes of legacy networking elements


  • Automatic configuration
  • Simpler and faster provisioning
  • Capital software instead of capital hardware




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