Network State Collection, Correlation, and Analytics
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The Network State Collection, Correlation, and Analytics Working Group stemmed out of the ONUG Fall 2014 meeting, where users prioritized the use case below as one of the top three. Since fall of 2014, the working group has published a white paper with detailed top 10 requirements.Network State Collection is one of four working groups that make up the ONUG IT Services Lifecycle Management Framework, which is focused on management in the context of an automated software-defined world where the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) needs to be rethought. The other three groups in the Management Framework are Traffic Monitoring/Visibility, SDN Federation/Operability, and Common Tools for Automated Configuration.

Network State Collection, Correlation, and Analytics Use Case

Problem Being Solved:

  • Complex application landscape leads to network changes being likely to cause a broad disruption
  • Understanding disruption extent is complicated
  • No visibility of a single device’s state change impact to the entire network
    • No predictive models exist

Open Networking Components:  Open published network APIs providing access to network state information

  • Open analytics DB and app running on top of SDN controller or network Linux OS for collecting and correlating state and performing historical and predictive analytics

Gap: Mechanism to share state across network hardware and software

Benefits: Lowering OpEx using predictive analytics

  • More agile and proactive network management
  • Increased resiliency and survivability of the network
  • Self-healing network capabilities
  • Drive greater benefit from the infrastructure to monitor and correlate across compute, storage and network

Network State collection



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