IT Organization Redesign for the Cloud Era

IT Organization Redesign for the Cloud Era

The IT Organization Redesign for the Cloud Era group was created following ONUG Fall 2016, where users prioritized the use case below as one of the top three. The working group continues to meet once a month and collaborate via a dedicated wiki between ONUG Conferences to further develop the use case.

Problem Being Solved:

  • New IT organizational model for new era in software-defined infrastructure IT
  • Entrenched culture based upon 25 years of legacy IT
  • Lack of agility and speed of IT delivery
  • Siloed organizational design tied to specific vendor products
  • Specific skills and tools for each silo (network, storage, virtualization, compute, etc.)


  • Culture


  • Faster and open IT delivery
  • Quicker and more business focused IT organization
  • Rapid deployment of application prototypes
  • Leverage use of open solutions across the entire IT stack
  • Vendor independent IT designs and stacks
  • Open IT stacks and tools
  • An organization able to leverage modern open IT products and services to radically change cost of ownership and delivery
  • Embrace and extend DevOps model

IT Org Redesign