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The Full Stack Engineer group was created following ONUG Fall 2016, where users prioritized the use case below as one of the top three. The working group continues to meet once a month and collaborate via a dedicated wiki between ONUG Conferences to further develop the use case.

Problem Being Solved:

  • Familiarity with each layer, if not mastery, and a genuine interest in all infrastructure technology
  • Ability to program infrastructure
    • Proficient in at least one of the following: Python, Ruby, Jenkins, Javascript, GO, Linux
  • Embraces open software-defined infrastructure technologies
  • Ability to collaborate with others that possess IT skills of a single silo and beyond


  • Skill sets: most IT professions are siloed into one IT area


  • Faster IT delivery cycles
  • A more competitive and agile corporation
  • Quicker to troubleshoot and build in security plus reliability
  • Broader view and appreciation of IT infrastructure
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Based upon collective working group member requirements
and are a realization of industry gaps missing solutions required for an open
cloud-based software-defined infrastructure market to develop at scale.

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