Converged Scale-Out Storage
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The ONUG Community is highly interested in software-defined storage and the new role of networking to provide a backplane for storage. ONUG seeks to remove the obstacles to converged scale-out storage adoption in the large enterprise markets, as it is one of the key elements to enable software-defined infrastructure.

The ONUG Converged Scale-Out Storage Working Group will identify the obstacles and requirements – both technical and non-technical – necessary for large enterprises to adopt scale-out storage solutions. ONUG Fall demonstrators are then encouraged to use these requirements as guidelines for their demonstrations, so they directly address end user needs. ONUG believes that the only way for the converged storage market to materialize at scale is to show the ONUG Community a thriving ecosystem of vendors. The goal is to showcase this ecosystem at ONUG Fall 2016 hosted by FedEx in NYC on October 24th & 25th within a new dedicated Scale-Out Storage Pavilion in the Technology Showcase.

Additionally, an ONUG Board member is providing his New Jersey lab, prior to ONUG Fall, for vendors to use to test/stage multivendor scale-out storage demonstration(s) for ONUG Fall. The lab schedule will be developed during working group calls.

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Based upon collective working group member requirements
and are a realization of industry gaps missing solutions required for an open
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