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The ONUG Community is highly interested in removing the obstacles to brilliant box (white + brite box) networking adoption in the large enterprise markets. We believe that the only way for this brilliant box market to materialize is to show the ONUG Community a thriving ecosystem of vendors addressing cross-industry concerns for the adoption of new switching products based upon merchant silicon running open and closed switch OS 2.0 options, and orchestration automation.

The ONUG Brilliant Box Infrastructure Working Group is working to identify the obstacles and requirements – both technical and non-technical – necessary for large enterprises to adopt brilliant box infrastructure. The goal is then to work with ONUG demonstrators to showcase how they are directly addressing these user needs. The group hosts a monthly conference call and collaborates via a dedicated wiki between ONUG Conferences to further the work being done.


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Based upon collective working group member requirements
and are a realization of industry gaps missing solutions required for an open
cloud-based software-defined infrastructure market to develop at scale.

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