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The ONUG Working Groups are driving an exciting agenda with active participation of IT professionals, vendor and solution integration communities. ONUG will articulate and advance the critical requirements and reference solutions to transform enterprise IT to hybrid multi-cloud environments from a technical plus organization/skills and culture realignment to deliver the digital transformation effect for the Global 2000.

To drive these open initiatives, ONUG hosts bi-weekly web-based conference calls and two in-person workshop(s) during the year. The first few calls shall be closed door and exclusive to IT executive members for sharing, coalescing and aggregating use case requirements; then these requirements are shared via a webinar for each working group. The remaining calls and workshop(s) include solution integrators, vendors and user working group members. Each group develops a plan for best utilizing the aggregated use case requirements, which could encompass documenting detailed requirements, engaging a solution integrator to develop a reference solution based on the requirements and feature verification testing of actual implementations in a lab environment.

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PLEASE NOTE: ONUG Working Groups are open to all IT business leaders and academics. Only vendors and service providers sponsoring the current ONUG conference are eligible to participate.

The working groups serve as ONUG’s vehicle to generate industry change as a community of IT executives, industry leaders, and standards/open source professionals that provides choice, lower total cost of ownership, and faster IT delivery.

ONUG Working Groups, led by IT business leaders, develop detailed use case requirements that standards/open source organizations and vendors can use to prioritize their respective initiatives and investments. The ONUG Community is encouraged to place its collective procurement power of nearly $500 billion annually on IT behind the ONUG Working Group Use Cases. This puts the buying power in the hands of the user, as the use cases provide vendors with prioritized needs around which to formulate products and services that enable them to become digital enterprises.  

For 2019 the goal is to build, demonstrate and educate Global 2000 IT teams on the agility and speed to market afforded by ONUG Reference Solutions at ONUG events. All vendors/cloud providers, etc., are invited to develop multi-vendor interoperable proof of concept demonstrations at ONUG events that are in compliance with functional use case reference solution requirements as proposed by the ONUG Working Groups at ONUG events.

Vendors and Cloud/Service Providers

Vendor participation in ONUG Working Groups is contingent upon ONUG sponsorship. If your company is sponsoring ONUG then proceed;

Contact sponsors@onug.net

All vendors and cloud/service providers interested in participating, please contact sponsors@onug.net with inquiries and to receive the full initiatives agreement.


  • Nick Lippis

    Co-Founder and Co-Chairman

    Independent Industry Analyst
    Lippis Enterprises

  • Stephen Collins

    Principal Consultant

    Working Group CTO

ONUG Innovation Awards

All ONUG 2019 demonstrators are encouraged to present a 10 or 15-minute proof of concept (PoC) on any past or current ONUG Use Case or reference solution. Companies do not need to participate in the working groups to be eligible.

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Helpful Working Group Resources

The ONUG Working Groups are aimed at bringing together vendors, cloud/service providers, standards organizations, open source communities, and entrepreneurs to take the working group requirements and develop corresponding standards and open source code, while also creating a governing body to oversee their development.

* Requirements, White Papers, Feature Verification Testing
** Full list of current and past working groups

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IT executives, amplify your voice by aggregating your user case requirements with peers so that vendors, standards and open source communities build industry solutions needed. You’ll also share best practices and challenges for IT organizational re-design, culture and skills needed to deliver the digital transformation effect.

For vendors, participating in the ONUG Working Groups will contribute to product and feature development as well as assure that your company is meeting market needs.

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Join your peers at these companies to amplify your use case requirements to the vendor/standards and open source communities by being an ONUG Working Group member.

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