Bob Wysocki


CTO, Digital Infrastructure Team




Bob Wysocki is a CTO in GE Digital’s infrastructure team. Bob is responsible for architecture, design, and deployment of GE’s enterprise network edge ecosystem. Bob is leading the transformation of GE’s network topology from a traditional construct of enterprise sites positioned on an internal core consuming applications within GE data centers to an environment in which a distributed edge becomes the new GE core – the place where GE connects to Cloud Services Providers, major SaaS services and GE’s third parties. GE’s sites and employees will reside on the internet consuming services natively, connecting back inside GE only to consume critical internal resources where necessary. Bob is further leading the transformation away from traditional management to leverage network automation and orchestration as key capabilities driving speed and agility. Bob has had a fifteen-year career at GE where he enjoyed success leading GE’s IT sourcing and networking teams through such initiatives as the procurement of enterprise MPLS and large-scale deployment of Telepresence systems. Bob further led GE’s initial design and deployment of cloud technology both for internal and external consumption. Bob holds a Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Georgia Tech and a Master’s degree in computer engineering from the University of Central Florida. Bob lives in Atlanta Georgia, with his wife Kathy and four children. Bob is an avid New England sports fan, and enjoys reading, hiking and boating.