ONUG and MEF Collaborate on Managed SD-WAN Services and Standards – The European Perspective

Check out this session moderated by Stephen Collins of ONUG and Daniel Bar-Lev of MEF. Panelists from Telia Carrier, COLT Technology Services and InfoVista discussed the current state of SD-WAN adoption in Europe and the important role managed service providers will play in defining standard service delivery models that promise a turnkey, low risk approach […]

On the Edge: How Sprawling Networks Have Redefined WAN Security Requirements

The notion of a self-contained network that lives inside a controlled, secure perimeter has been blown apart with the advent of cloud computing and the Internet of Things. Instead, technology advances have led to a sprawling profusion of networks and individual devices that live outside the network edge or on the near or far edge […]

2019 What an Exciting Year: November ONUG Report

What an exciting year it has been for the ONUG enterprise community. Last month in NYC at ONUG Fall, hosted by Cigna, Senior level IT executives and DevOps professionals from over 1100 large enterprises attended to share and hear the latest on building – running and securing the digital enterprise. Over 65 leading ONUG vendor […]

The Results Are In: ONUG Fall 2019 Use Case Voting

Attendees at ONUG Fall 2019 were presented with 6 use cases and asked to vote on the top one or two that are most challenging for their organization. The voting results are shown below: These results validate ONUG’s decision to kick off two new working groups at the conference: Orchestration & Automation and AIOps for […]

Infrastructure as Code for Network Automation

We believe we are at an inflection point as the slow, steady progress towards standardization and APIs has been replaced by a frenetic response to the business and automation demands that are being placed on the network.  What has historically been allowed to work independently at their own pace for risk mitigation purposes is now […]