“AI for IT” Is Real and Gaining Momentum Quickly

I will be first to admit that marketing can sometimes get ahead of reality. It is our job to create a story that paints an appealing vision of the future, knowing that it may take a little while for engineering to actually “catch up”. And when multiple vendors start screaming the same buzzwords from the […]

Why Network Monitoring Doesn’t Stop with SD-WAN

Network teams often look to SD-WAN as a silver bullet for all of their management and monitoring needs, hoping these tools can help curtail the major pitfalls that are notorious for derailing enterprise cloud migration. But not every team’s path to the cloud is the same, especially as companies become increasingly distributed and rely on […]

Autonomous Networks, Not Network Automation

In today’s fast-paced cloud environments, automation is required to effectively manage systems of any size. Often the goal is to do more with less, so operators can strive to look beyond what it takes to keep the lights on; this is the same for managing the network or system infrastructure. Even though network operators face […]

ONUG Academy Delivers Skills Needed for the Hybrid/Multi-Cloud Era

Over the past several years, the ONUG Community has been keenly focused on IT organization transformation. We know that most digital transformation projects’ success or failure are directly correlated to IT skills, culture and organizational design.  We have been keenly aware that many CEOs and their boards have shelved digital projects, thanks to the lack […]

Query Your Network like a Database

As companies are trying to become more agile to provide new services to their customers at a faster pace, more and more of them are embracing Network Automation in some shape or form. Network Automation can be very powerful, but it comes with a price: it’s frighteningly dangerous! A mistake in the automation toolchain can […]

Meet the Middle Mile: How the Network Brings the Edge to You

It’s all about the edge. Edge compute, edge containers, micro data centers – these are the latest terms gripping the Internet industry and making the promise of a sweeter tomorrow, filled with more data and faster processing in the ethereal Internet of Things. The edge seeks to provide the IoT we’ve been promised by a […]