Agile for Infrastructure: Fact or Fiction?

The ONUG Community has encouraged the shift from hardware to software infrastructure’s acceleration. The reason? Speed. Software-based infrastructure reduces the time to deliver new digital products and services to market. It’s a core competency of the digital transformation age in which we live. At ONUG, we know that most IT organizations take three to five […]

It’s Getting Cloudy: Time to Think Outside the Router

Organisations are increasingly evaluating retiring their legacy architectures – such as routers at the branch – due to the continuing migration of applications to the cloud. In November 2017, Forrester projected that 2018 would be the year that more than 50 percent of enterprise applications would be hosted in public and private clouds. However, in […]

Infrastructure as Code–Can It Be Operationalized or Is It a Pipe Dream?

Certain communities in the industry have been preaching that infrastructure should be code. That is, infrastructure should be clickable, meaning that configuring an application dependency map, firewalls, networking, load balancers, etc., should be as easy as clicking a few buttons. There is no doubt that the industry is moving in this direction; consider F5’s $650 […]

AI Ops: It’s All about Data

All Global 2000 firms are awash in infrastructure data. Every device that an application flows through, be it network equipment, firewalls, servers, load balancers, cloud providers, service providers, storage, etc., provide data to communicate state metrics, events, logs, et al. That is, all the devices that an application depends upon to deliver the intended user […]

4 Questions to Answer for a Successful SD-WAN Deployment

SD-WAN has arrived and is undeniably a hot topic in the networking industry given the 60+ solution providers vying for a share of wallet. Enterprises are looking to SD-WAN technology to facilitate better connectivity among their branches, improve application quality of service and drive down data transport costs. Recent industry research1 has predicted that 30% […]

Will the Digital Era Drive Centralized IT into Business Units?

While executive management focuses on the opportunities that digital transformation presents for their corporations, IT business leaders are busy planning how to deliver its effect. One of the most important and least discussed topics on every corporation’s digital journey is organizational transformation. Every senior level IT leader in the Global 2000 is debating the type […]