Palo Alto Networks at ONUG Spring 2019 and Understanding the Security Landscape for SD-WAN

With many organizations adopting a direct-to-internet networking strategy for their branch locations, there is considerable interest in how to architect the security. This is especially true if the organization is also adopting SD-WAN as part of their branch networking strategy. That’s because that SD-WAN can be architected in many different ways, and that can make […]

Hybrid Cloud, Multicloud, and Containers. Oh, My.

You might have heard that multicloud is the future of IT. It would be more accurate to say it’s the present of IT. More than 80 percent of enterprises already have a multicloud strategy. But what is multicloud, exactly? As the name suggests, multicloud is an IT approach in which an organization uses multiple cloud […]

Optionality: Realizing the Full Potential of Redundant Application Infrastructure

Modern traffic steering has evolved into a multi-dimensional optimization problem. From ensuring availability, minimizing latency, maximizing throughput, preventing flapping, and meeting CDN commits; we ask more from our infrastructure today than ever before. With so many competing interests, how do we guarantee an exceptional user experience while still achieving a diverse set of business goals? […]

SDWAN 2.0: The Right Stuff for a Multi-Cloud World

When I started my career in networking  (longer ago than I care to admit), the industry was struggling with incompatible systems at the protocol and interface level. As a budding young engineer concerned with ordering a chaotic technosphere, the OSI model seemed like just the remedy. That was an era where innovation moved a lot […]

Navigating Your Security Options with SD-WAN

SD-WAN opens up many security options to explore. For virtualized security, as more companies adopt SD-WAN technology to enhance the agility of their networking architecture, they must give strong consideration to how and where to apply security across the network. For example, retailers with a lot of store locations can benefit from virtualized SD-WAN and […]

Streaming Telemetry Has Arrived. Why You Should Care.

About 30 years ago, we began connecting devices such as routers, hubs, and printers to IP networks. That meant these resources went from being mostly housed in one location like a data center to spread all throughout an organization’s operations. IT and NetOps teams immediately recognized that they needed a standardized way to monitor and […]